Living Hope Foundation

Élő Reménység Alapítvány

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The begining

Christmas Eve 1988 was spent with young people who despite the fact that it was Christmas we found on the streets or in subways. Their story soon became apparent, time spent in prison, alcohol problems,  institutional upbringing. Young lives without a purpose. Immediately we were confronted with the question: where shall we live? What shall we eat? Families took them in for longer or shorter periods. In January 1990 as private citizens we started the Living Hope Foundation. In May 1992, for the first living fellowship the foundation bought a half finished house.

Who are we?

We are a working fellowship of born again Christians from different denominations. We have personally experienced God’s love, and what we have received from him we would like to pass on to others.

Living Fellowship

We live together as a Christian family with a few helpers and with young people who need help. We try to promote a right lifestyle in a loving family fellowship.

Visiting Prison

Working together with the Hungarian Prison Mission, at present we visit the Baracska and Balassagyarmat prisons quite regularly. Among those interested many wait for these times of visitation with eagerness. If someone decides they’d like to start afresh, we can help them.

Work Rehab

In our carpenters shop and garden we learn how to work. We look after the house ourselves and the kitchen is supplied mainly with stuff from the garden.

Free Time

Excursions, varied sporting activities, music, learning songs, camping, and lessons in further study.

Training Helpers

4-5 times a year in the form of a course, we give  a help and advice to those who want to help people living on the edge of society or who already are helping.

Helping The Family

In our day the number of family splits is growing. Young people from such backgrounds often too soon become parents themselves which can bring many problems. For those who need help we not only give advice but also practical help, such as; how to look after the baby, problems with bringing up children, marital help, domestic advice and help with officialdom.


I had a difficult childhood. My parents spent a lot of time out enjoying themselves, while I watched TV, so as not to be alone. At 3 my parents divorced, and I got a stepfather. This lifestyle left its mark. At school I was the bad boy. In one year I had 5-6 correction books, since they were either filled or I lost them. At 12 I played truant, I wanted to see the world. This meant Budapest where I messed about until stopped by the police.

I was placed in an institution for my crimes and all this at the age of 12. I was on a downward spiral. Crime,  vagrancy,  institutions, borstal then prison. In prison everything changed, I began hating myself. Why? This wasn’t life what I had lived up until now, not a purpose in life, no future, I lived for today,  nothing else mattered. But now I had had enough, I looked for the way out through broadening my mind, mind control, etc. Still I couldn’t fill the void in my life.

In prison I went along to one of the mission’s  meetings. There I heard what immediately grabbed me. That there is someone who is the friend of sinners –Jesus. When I realised Jesus’ sacrifice for me then I knew I had become His child. I never experienced something so wonderful in all my life.

I was looking for meaning, in Jesus I found life. I became His follower and consecrated my life to Him. Today I can’t imagine life without Him. God’s good news reached me and I’d like to spread it to my friends by my life.






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